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ESS has partnered with ITM mining products who specializes in supplying undercarriage components such as sprockets & segments, track chains, track rollers, track shoes, idlers, tension groups & complete undercarriage solutions for machinery used in mining, construction, road building, forestry, agriculture & special applications.

Sprockets & Segments

ESS can supply Sprockets matching any type of crawler machine application and most common final drive types.

  • Three to six teeth forged segments suitable for dozer track-type machines ranging from 6 to 100 tons.
  • Monoblock cast sprockets.
  • New bolt-on segments for mining dozers.


  • Single and double flange track rollers and carrier rollers suitable for crawler machines ranging from 0.8 to 800 tons.
  • Special version rollers for road milling machines, pavers, forestry and agricultural applications.

Track Shoes

  • Shoes suitable for chains ranging from link pitch 90mm to link pitch 350 mm available in more than 5,000 configurations.
  • Cast shoes in various widths up to 2,400 mm.
  • New shoes with mixed structure: central part in cast steel and welded wings. Available in widths up to 3,000 mm.
  • Rubber or polyurethane vulcanized versions for road and non-standard special applications.

Track Chains

ESS can supply ITM track chains for any type of crawler machine, from standard to special applications such as conveyors, bucket wheel excavators, and subsea diamond dredgers.

  • Track Chains ranging from link pitch 90 mm to link pitch 350 mm - and above for cast monoblock designs.
  • Dry track chains, sealed and greased excavator track chains, lubricated chains for high-performance applications.
  • New sealed and lubricated chains for mining dozers

Idlers & tension groups

  • Idlers suitable for track-type earthmoving and special application machines ranging from 0.8 to 500 tons.
  • Cast and fabricated versions available.
  • Wide range of spring type adjusters, nitrogen accumulators, elastomer tension units, friction ring units, as well as tensioning systems
  • New idler wheel for mining dozer with new “X section”reinforced design

Complete Undercarriage Solution

ITM Mining products' complete undercarriage solution helps ESS to support our customers by supplying

  • Excavator & Mobile Crane complete Undercarriages
  • Standard construction side frames
  • Crusher Side Frames
  • Road Milling, Surface Mining & Concrete Paver Sideframes
  • Paver Side Frames
  • Drilling Sideframes

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